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"January 7th" "Sun - Trees only" ★ All items Eat All you can drink ★ 2 hours 2980 yen ♪

"January 7th" "Sun - Trees only" ★ All items Eat All you can drink ★ 2 hours 2980 yen ♪

By using a coupon2980 yen

One person / tax included

  • 2-60persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat (30 minutes before LO) ※ There is a change in contents ※ Part of the all-you-can-drink menu includes (+400 yen) premium all-you-can-drink menu.

Weekday limited exclusive course ★ All-you-can-eat all-day dishes using the carefully selected ingredients and having time and effort spared!

Course menu


Famous salted pot

【Super premium】

◆ Broiled Salmon and Eggplant Boiled ◆ Broiled Mackerel's Bar Stuffed Sushi

◆ Milfeuille and Tomato Sauce Tailoring

Seafood and mountain

◆ Salmon salmon carpaccio ◆ Salt of sweet shrimp Yukke ◆ Five plush platter assortments

◆ Let's lose seafood ◆ Japanese style carpaccio with red tuna


◆ Fried Potato ◆ Addictive Columno Potato ◆ Deep-fried Tango

◆ Crab claw cream croquette ◆ Chicken plum meat wrapped fried ◆ Spicy spicy chicken wings

◆ Ton roe cheese fondue croquette ◆ Namen no tempura

【Power of steam】

◆ Grilled meat soup with small dragonfly ◆ Plump pastry seafood shi

◆ Soft Steamed Pork Flavor Miso ◆ Steamed Shrimp Dumplings Steak

【Noodle dish】

◆ Edamame beans ◆ Zaru tofu ◆ Wasabi pickle octopus ◆ Beef vinegar vinegar ◆ homemade kimchi

【Bounty of Earth】

◆ Carousori caesar salad with mature eggs ◆ Kagoshima pork shabu salad with black pig

◆ Japanese style salad with tea soba and tofu

[Excellence of the Takumi]

◆ Special shrimp special mayonnaise sauce ◆ Special-made chizimi ◆ Warm ball melting pig kimchi

◆ Stir-fried shrimp and scallop with high-quality sauce

【Material of material】

◆ Striped Horsemen ◆ Salt Sama ◆ Eye Fin Broiler

【Flame Dishes】

◆ Grilled chicken thigh meat with yuzu pepper ◆ Teppanyaki dumplings ◆ Thickly sliced ​​pork slurry salt grill

【Kamiyaki oven dish】

◆ Mix pizza of homemade tomato sauce ◆ Cheese baked with shrimp and avocado

【Hearty rice dish of Japan】

◆ Broiled sushi with large toro salmon ◆ A fried rice fried rice with Calbi

【Supreme noodles】

◆ Tattoo asparagus tomato cream pasta ◆ Migrant crab cream pasta

◆ Seafood Shanghai Salt Yakisoba

【Swallowtail of another stomach】

◆ Plenty of strawberry condensed ice ◆ Warabi mochi and Matcha noodle

Whole whole 檸檬 Sherbet ◆ seasonal fruit summer tart

All you can eat single item menu, such as ...!

All-you-can-drink menu

· Middle jogging pitcher
· Shochu
· Wheat · potato · rice · shove · awamori
· Shochu high
· Lemon · Lime · Calpis · Natural Yuzu · Natural Sushi etc.
· Glass (red · white)
· Lemonade · Gin system · Vodka type · Campari type · Lychee type · Mango type About 40 kinds
· High Bow · Suntory Square Bottle
· (Cold · 燗)
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea · Orange juice · Grapefruit juice · Pepsi cola · Ginger ale · Calpis
Available days for reservation
Monday - Thurs, Sundays, Holidays

2019/01/07 update